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Adobe Edge Animate

By Nick Leffler | December 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

I just today updated the home page on my site with an HTML5 animation. I’ve been working on it time permitting for a while now but was unsuccessful in finding the time until today. I haven’t explored HTML5 much until Edge Animate, but I must say with this particular applications simplicity, it […]

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New media content

By Nick Leffler | September 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

I have received permission to change some of my media so I can post it on my portfolio section. The introduction to some of the instructional videos I’ve created are now available to view on my portfolio page in the media section. Each video is only 6 seconds but they show […]

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Latest Project

Your Brand by Nick Leffler Responsive Website Showcase

Your Brand by Nick Leffler WordPress Website

By Nick Leffler | July 19, 2015

I built this website for a course on Udemy to help people build a portfolio and blog to get a better job. I have since transformed it into a website that offers website design and consulting services. WordPress is a powerful platform and simple compared to most content management systems […]

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Colors Storyline Template

Colors Storyline Template

By Nick Leffler | July 25, 2014

I also wrote a detailed post about my inspiration for this template and how it’s laid out so you can modify it easier.

eLearning Challenge 43 Screenshot

eLearning Challenge #43

By Nick Leffler | July 25, 2014

Below is the original elearning Challenge #43 post and the post featuring all entries into challenge #43. eLearning Challenge #43 Blog Post | eLearning Challenge follow-up post

What's my development process

One-off Graphic Design Projects

By Nick Leffler | September 1, 2013
About Gmail Image

Interactive Google Services Guide

By Nick Leffler | June 6, 2013

Click the image above to view the guide. View on a tablet.

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