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Following the Backchannel of #DevLearn

By Nick Leffler | October 20, 2013 |
DevLearn 2013 Logo

I’ve been hearing a lot about DevLearn these past couple of weeks. While admittedly I’m a little envious of those going, I know I’m better off making the best of what I have available. Luckily, with all the great technology and ways of communicating out there, and people so willing to use it, I can…

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Touchscreen Toddler

By Nick Leffler | October 7, 2013 |
Baby using touchscreen

If you haven’t been to the front of my web site, you haven’t seen my daughter using my cell phone at 18 months, and better than my parents use theirs. That’s her below, browsing around, although I photoshopped her app with one of my blog posts. Before her, my experience was limited how well kids…

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Is Instructional Design Like Choreography?

By Nick Leffler | September 30, 2013 |
Sesame Street Choreography

I often find myself glancing at the TV while Sesame Street is on for my daughter, and admittedly I watch it more than she does, so on many occasions I’ve seen the following clip. It’s an entertaining video and Melissa McCarthy is always very funny, so that helps make my analogy a little more entertaining.…

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My Personal Portfolio Hashtag – #nickleffportfolio

By Nick Leffler | September 28, 2013 |

About a month ago I ran across this great post about using a personal hashtag to promote your portfolio. It took me some time to start using my new hashtag because I had to think about how I wanted to use it (and what hashtag I wanted to use). Eventually I settled on #nickleffportfolio which…

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How do you get people talking on an enterprise social network?

By Nick Leffler | September 16, 2013 |
How do you get people to use a enterprise social network? Make it stupidly easy to use!

I presented this question, and an overly simplified answer last week on Twitter. I say it’s an overly simplified answer but really it’s not, it’s so perfectly expressed in as few words as it should take to tell someone how to use an enterprise social network. How do you get people to use a enterprise…

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What I Learned Today

By Nick Leffler | September 9, 2013 |
LrnToday - Share What You Learned Today

Tweet what you’ve learned today, use the #LrnToday hashtag to share what you’ve learned and learn something new. We live in a social learning era, share and be shared with. Please share this post and the #LrnToday hashtag to expand the reach of reflection and spread of knowledge focused around what you’ve learned today. There’s no…

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What’s My Development Process?

By Nick Leffler | September 5, 2013 |
What's my development process

A few weeks ago there was a bit of restructuring in my company within my greater department. Several teams had been re-organized into an easier structure. This also meant a new multimedia training team was created, that’s where I went. This new team was unheard of to the rest of the department. We were to explain the…

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Command and Control

By Nick Leffler | September 2, 2013 |
Command & Control

Many things have gone through my head lately about how safety of private information can be balanced with freedom of information exchange in the enterprise. It wasn’t until I read a post from Julian Stodd, Denied: outdated models of authority and control in the Social Age that I really felt the need to write something down.…

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Learning Experience As a User Experience

By Nick Leffler | August 19, 2013 |
Pictures of woman eating pizza with wine at a restaurant.

Update: Would this be Training Experience As a User Experience? I read an article a while ago about user experience design likened to an experience at a restaurant, unfortunately I can’t find it, but I’ll give you the gist of it with my own twist: It feels so satisfying when you go to a restaurant…

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Smartwearables (vs?) Smartphone

By Nick Leffler | August 12, 2013 |
Google Glass

Everywhere I look these days there’s news about wearable computing. Wearable computers are those mini computers that attach to you somehow. In the current form that includes Google Glass and smart watches, I mostly mention Google Glass in this post. Is Wearable Computing Really Our Future? Yes, and no. It’s in our future, but it’s…

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