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Work Out Loud – Don’t Just Share What You Did

By Nick Leffler | February 15, 2015 |
Work out Loud

Today is the last day of my four-day journey to cover my thoughts on this week’s topics for the online cMOOC Exploring Innovations in Networked Work and Learning. I’ve already covered the wonderful topics of crowdsourcing, idea management and design and yesterday’s communities of practice. This is my favorite topic out of the four. How To…

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Communities of Practice Need Some Practice

By Nick Leffler | February 14, 2015 |
Communities of Practice are a network not a hierarchy

This is my 3rd post in my journey to cover my thoughts and ideas on the four topics covered in week 3 of the Exploring Innovations in Networked Work and Learning cMOOC. So far, I’ve covered Crowdsourcing and Idea Management and Design with the only one left for tomorrow being Working out Loud which also…

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Idea Management and Design – You Mean PKM?

By Nick Leffler | February 13, 2015 |
It's One Big Networked World

Yesterday I started the first of my four-part series covering my thoughts and impressions on the four topics presented in week 3 of the MSLOC430 cMOOC. I started with crowdsourcing, the message I came away with there are so many problems that can be solved and tasks that can be completed, but it’s not as easy…

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The Things We Can Do With Crowdsourcing Are Limitless (But Hard)

By Nick Leffler | February 12, 2015 | Comments Off on The Things We Can Do With Crowdsourcing Are Limitless (But Hard)
It's One Big Networked World

I’m going to take the next four days to post a topic a day from the MSLOC430 cMOOC I’m participating in, or maybe the correct term is reading in. I don’t feel like I’m the best participant because I haven’t joined into the co-authored document (an example of crowdsourcing I suppose) defining all these objects or…

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Communities of Inquiry

By Nick Leffler | February 4, 2015 |
What is Community Of Inquiry

I want to preface this post with the following information: Before a few days ago I had never heard the term Community of Inquiry, which is exactly why I’ve chosen to write and learn about it. Now for the why because I wouldn’t just pull this one out of a hat and decide to delve…

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When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

By Nick Leffler | January 27, 2015 |
Bored with face resting on hand

I sat down this evening to write a post I’ve had in my idea pad for some time. I was going to write about mobile and the enterprise. Tonight I feel unmotivated to write about either of those. Sometimes a topic sounds of great interest, and other times your brain isn’t in that same through…

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Social Learning Has Never Been About a Single Tool

By Nick Leffler | January 20, 2015 |
Discussing Life

I noticed a ReTweet from Shannon Tipton yesterday morning where she was disagreeing with the flop part of the following blog post: What eLearning Trends Will Pop, Flop and Flip in 2015? (the link has been removed because it no longer exists anywhere I can find) Predictably, I disagree w/”Flop” – you? RT @Interactyx: Do…

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Learning From Others

By Nick Leffler | January 5, 2015 |
At The Cafe Talking

Over a year ago I began to share what I am learning at the moment. I did this through the hashtag #LrnToday which I also encouraged others to do. It’s been a while since I’ve reflected on how well it has worked and how I’ve updated it. A while being since I first posted about…

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Closing Out 2014 With Learning Reflection

By Nick Leffler | December 30, 2014 |
Reflecting on Life

This post was originally combined with yesterday’s post, could you imagine? Too much. It has been an eventful year though, so it’s only fitting that I have two eventful posts. On With The Show I’ve made the last two months of the year an extremely prolific writing two months (for me). The reason I made…

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Closing Out 2014 With A Bang

By Nick Leffler | December 29, 2014 | Comments Off on Closing Out 2014 With A Bang
Closing Out 2014 With a Bang

I was working on a combined post with two distinct parts. One part a reflection on my new Udemy course called Catapult Your Career: Building Your Website Portfolio. The second part a reflection of all my posts from the past year. Well, I decided to split them into two posts for the final few days of…

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