Profile Picture of Nick

Here's a few of the things that interest me in the workplace. There's a lot more that I do and a lot more that interests me, but these are two of my career defining differentiators

Transitioning the Workplace

I'm an Instructional Designer with a passion for doing things different. I am on a mission to change the workplace from a training culture to a learning culture by empowering people. I'm always on a mission to find ways for people to do their work better and get back to what matters most, their job.

My goal is to help people do their job more effectively by allowing them to direct their own learning to make learning more meaningful to them. I'd like to do this in an environment that maximizes the use of user generated content to allow more effective sharing and learning.

I'm specifically interested in helping learning communities grow on an enterprise social network that is enabled by social tools such as wiki's and document collaboration environments (Google Apps, SharePoint, Office 365, etc.).

I am forever on a mission to work smarter, better, together.


Helping Change Careers

Through my Your Brand by Nick Leffler website and course, I provide career changing possibilities for anybody looking to enhance their careers or grow their small business.

I also consult with individuals and small businesses to help them build their brand online through a beautiful website and social media awareness.

Why Technkl?

Just In case you've noticed, the domain for this website is I have been asked where that comes from, so here it is.

I've had the domain since 2001 and have hung onto it through its many iterations.

Here's how the domain name/company name originally came about:

I was looking for a name for an IT Consulting company when I worked as a computer technician. A family member suggested Technkl because my initials are N.K.L. The name has stuck through the years, and my work still revolves around technology and using it to improve lives.