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Who Is The Real Project Stakeholder?

By Nick Leffler | March 23, 2016 | 0 Comments
Don't forget about the real project stakeholder

When you start a new project, are you asking the following questions: Who is the real project stakeholder? Who holds the biggest stake in your project? The answer to these questions probably isn’t who you think it is. Common Answers There are two simple answers to the second question. The problem […]

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Transitioning Responsibility to Managers, T&D Becomes a Curation Resource

By Nick Leffler | February 23, 2016 | 0 Comments
Stepping up the stairs, transitioning responsibility from T&D to Managers managing learning .

Without managers being fully invested in training, there is no chance it will have an effect on people. Just as with everything else in an organization, training relies on its importance being exemplified by leaders. That means leaders should not dictate employees take training, but rather be an example of […]

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Move Forward

By Nick Leffler | January 27, 2016 | 0 Comments
Move Forward

Progress can seem like a scary thing sometimes. It can mean that the things we’re comfortable with are suddenly pulled out from under us. A world which everything is familiar can suddenly become a world we look around in and don’t recognize anything. Of course we all feel like this […]

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Looking Back On 2015

By Nick Leffler | December 30, 2015 | 0 Comments
Reflecting on Life

This is my obligatory end of the year post reflecting on my year in 2015. It’s not really obligatory of course, but it’s fun to look back at all my posts and reflect. Some of my posts from earlier in the year seem so old by the time the end […]

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Great Minds Think Alike

By Nick Leffler | December 21, 2015 | 4 Comments
Great Minds Think Alike

Everybody’s heard this phrase right? I know I hear it on almost a daily basis. Every time I hear this statement I can’t help but thing how great minds absolutely do not think alike. Everybody is different, including in their thoughts. There are so many subtleties in the way we think and […]

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Latest Project

Your Brand by Nick Leffler Responsive Website Showcase

Your Brand by Nick Leffler WordPress Website

By Nick Leffler | July 19, 2015

I built this website for a course on Udemy to help people build a portfolio and blog to get a better job. I have since transformed it into a website that offers website design and consulting services. WordPress is a powerful platform and simple compared to most content management systems […]

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Colors Storyline Template

Colors Storyline Template

By Nick Leffler | July 25, 2014

I also wrote a detailed post about my inspiration for this template and how it’s laid out so you can modify it easier.

eLearning Challenge 43 Screenshot

eLearning Challenge #43

By Nick Leffler | July 25, 2014

Below is the original elearning Challenge #43 post and the post featuring all entries into challenge #43. eLearning Challenge #43 Blog Post | eLearning Challenge follow-up post

What's my development process

One-off Graphic Design Projects

By Nick Leffler | September 1, 2013
About Gmail Image

Interactive Google Services Guide

By Nick Leffler | June 6, 2013

Click the image above to view the guide. View on a tablet.

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