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Thank you for visiting Technkl, Nick Leffler’s personal portfolio and learning insights expressed through my blog. In my portfolio, you can find a few projects and some fun content.

Who Am I?

I’m a designer of meaningful and memorable performance, knowledge, and social learning solutions for the modern workplace. By focusing on a unique and personal experience, I successfully motivate and connect with people.

What Do I Do?

I think a lot about the user’s experience, from the beginning of their journey, to the performance changing behavior they show at the end. My background in technology and design has given me a strong foundation for using my Instructional Design knowledge to ensure everything is analyzed and well thought through.

Why Technkl?

I was looking for a name for an IT Consulting company which has long passed. A family member suggested Technkl because my initials are N.K.L. The name has stuck through the years, and my work still revolves around technology and using it to improve lives.